Well-grounded all Koosen construction lift ten advantages

In 2015, along with the rest of its infrastructure investment, as well as the "neighborhood" policy, construction machinery throughout the country began to recover. Various projects have begun to actively build, began to buy equipment, so here's the thing, which equipment to buy became a topic of business owners headaches. Next, lift in small series to explain for you the top ten advantages.



It is understood that the construction elevator, new hot spot for construction machinery, Koosen  after years of painstaking research and development, manufacturing, and has formed an unparalleled advantage in this area, in full, that there were more than ten!


1, sector status:

Construction hoist sales for three consecutive years in the industry first, production capacity, sales volume, market share and customer satisfaction, industry leading position.

2, technical innovation:

Company's annual sales revenue of 3% for research and development, technological innovation capabilities of industry-leading, patented technology, 40.

3, intelligent manufacturing:

Has 12 intelligent production line, from the cutting, welding, painting, Assembly and testing a comprehensive automated to ensure product quality. As the standards section of the world's most advanced robot welding production line, the industry's only automated robotic welding production line, the wall only standard test line in the industry, and so on.

• Standard section of robot welding product line
• Attach the wall holder robot automatic welding production line
• Standard section testing line

4, security design:

Braking contactor contactor adhesion prevention protection, insurance, four heavy-duty hoisting device, safety design of main switch with zero protection, put safety first.

5, elegant materials:

Cage and drive the main structure, the industry's first c-beam, flexural modulus with grooved steel lifting 30%; standard cross section box T6 cold-formed angles, T5 hot rolled angle bars, overall intensity increase 25%; standard sections of chord by Q345B high frequency welded tubes, high strength, good resistance to abrasion.

6, core technologies:

Identification operations, lift the remote fault diagnosis, status display and management system, automatic leveling and high speed machines in the core technology, guiding the development of the lift industry.