Koosen -keep on exceeding customer wants the scissor lift industry leader

Shanghai Rui leadership highly focused on customer service satisfaction rate index, group all the operational concept is based on the concept of customer satisfaction. Shanghai Rui exceed customers want E.C.E management model will be the best and perfect service for our customers, focus on each customer feel, takes lifts management article, quiet operation mode and best of State. Hairuibiao will start on lifts and escalators of international project management and services best practices, through the service and management of lifts and escalators to improve brand image of the building.

Hairuibiao is a fast-growing national best practices on engineering services and management of lifts and escalators business.

At present, the company has entered a new era of brand competition, brand competitiveness has become the core competitiveness of enterprises or constitutes an important element thereof. As China's economy from a traditional economy into a service economy products, service begins with the lifeline close contact, more and more companies are running "services" as a brand for technology to build, how to build competitive services brand has become the core of many enterprises. Scisssor Lift  industry is highly integrated in the service industries as technology, how best to create lift and service brand, is already barometer of Scisssor Lift  industry development.




Koosen  exceed customer wish Trump service programmes, through detailed refinement of the full service plan, fully ensure the best implementation of the programme with a full range of services.
Shanghai Rui detailed refinement of the full service plan

Modern buildings of Scisssor Lift  equipment mounting density, capacity, and energy consumption. Koosen  of dynamic services exceeding customer wants, to precise the Scisssor Lift  maintenance and repair, maintenance and operation of the equipment used to take appropriate measures, potential, reduce waste, and improve operating efficiency,

To maximum extent to ensure a favorable environment for living and Office.
For many years, every last hairuibiao for customer service in the process of the pursuit of excellence, fully ensure the safety and smooth operation. Last year, took place in Beijing's Haidian District of Scisssor Lift  switch failure, Shanghai Rui's maintenance personnel arrived, not overhaul the Folio closed according to customer requirements, inspection of the lift of the whole. Test results found that the lift in addition to the opening and closing doors is faulty, an important control unit there is a problem, if Scisssor Lift  continued to use it, it failed again after just a day or two. Shanghai Rui standard maintenance personnel are immediately to repair all the problems and bring the Scisssor Lift  back up running in the shortest time, won the unanimous praise of residential property owners. Afterwards, the customer of the project about the incident, also on hairuibiao was highly praised.
Through years of experience and continuous self-improvement, hairuibiao has become the nation's top on (level AAA) lifts and escalator engineering