GTWY16-4000/ GTWY14-4000/ GTWY12-4000/ GTWY10-4000

Main spec. Working height: 16.00m/14.00m/12.00m/10.00m
Main spec. S.W.L:150kg/200kg/250kg
Important features self-leveling outriggers with sensor system, LED display, safe and reliable
Important features Tilt back frame to reduce the machine height and easy to transport
Important features Trunk loading device, convenient for loading alone
Important features AC/DC Power system optional

Mobile mast type aerial work platform (pin type)


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Model GTWY16-4000 GTWY14-4000 GTWY12-4000 GTWY10-4000
Max.working heiget 17.00m 16.00m 14.00m 12.00m
Platform Floor Height 15.00m 14.00m 12.00m 10.00m
Overall Length(Stowed) 2.00m 1.90m 1.70m 1.70m
Overall Width 1.2m 1.10m 1.10m 1.10m
Overall Height(Stowed) 2.68m 2.32m 2.32m 2.05m
Outrigger Footprint(L/W) 3.2/2.8m 3.2/2.4m 2.87/2.3m 2.87/2.3m
Platform Size(Length/Wide) 1.40m×0.80m 1.40m×0.80m 1.40m×0.80m 1.40m×0.80m
Ground Clearance 0.05m 0.05m 0.05m 0.05m
Model GTWY16-4000 GTWY14-4000 GTWY12-4000 GTWY10-4000
S.W.L 150kg 200kg 250kg 250kg
Max. Occupants 1 2 2 2
Up/Down Speed 72/57sec 66/51sec 60/45sec 54/39sec
Tyres(Back Wheels) 8in 8in 8in 8in
Tyres(Front Wheels) 5in 5in 5in 5in
Model GTWY16-4000 GTWY14-4000 GTWY12-4000 GTWY10-4000
Lifting Motor(AC) 110-230VAC/1.5kW 110-230VAC/1.5kW 110-230VAC/1.5kW 110-230VAC/1.5kW
Lifting Motor(DC) 12VDC/1.5kW 12VDC/1.5kW 12VDC/1.5kW 12VDC/1.5kW
Batteries 12V/85Ah 12V/85Ah 12V/85Ah 12V/85Ah
Integrated Charger 12V/15A 12V/15A 12V/15A 12V/15A
Model GTWY16-4000 GTWY14-4000 GTWY12-4000 GTWY10-4000
Weight(AC) 1100kg 1000kg 980kg 950kg
Weight(DC) 1130kg 1030kg 1010kg 980kg



Standard equipment
● Emergency stop button
● Easy loading in pickup trucks
● Two controllers operation
● Emergency lowering system
● Leveling indicator
● Forklift pockets
● Transport tie hole
● Tilt back frame(Only for AWP16-4000)
● All motion alarm
● Cylinder holding valve
● Outriggers with interlock
● Function with deadman
● Overload sensor with alarm
● AC power to platform
● Beacon

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