Main spec. Working height:14m、12m、10.00m
Main spec. S.W.L:250kg、300kg
Important features self-leveling outriggers with sensor system, LED display, safe and reliable
Important features automatic lifting platform system to reduce machine height and easy to store
Important features AC/DC Power system optional
Important features Cylinder holding valve

Mobile mast type aerial work platform (three-way)


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Model AWP14-3000 AWP12-3000 AWP10-3000
Working Height 16.00m 14.00m 12.00m
Platform Floor Height 14.00m 12.00m 10.00m
Overall Length 1.92m 1.82m 1.82m
Overall Width 1.10m 1.10m 1.10m
Overall Height 2.40m 2.28m 2.08m
Outrigger Footprint(L/W) 2.5m/2.4m 2.33m/2.23m 2.33m/2.23m
Platform Size(Length/Width) 1.60m×0.88m 1.43m×0.88m 1.43m×0.88m
Ground Clearance 0.15m 0.15m 0.15m
Wheel Base 1.51m 1.51m 1.51m
Model AWP14-3000 AWP12-3000 AWP10-3000
S.W.L 250kg 300kg 300kg
Max. Occupants 2 2 2
Up/Down Speed 112/102sec 100/90sec 88/78sec
Tyres(Back Wheels) 8in 8in 8in
Tyres(Front Wheels) 7in 7in 7in
Model AWP14-3000 AWP12-3000 AWP10-3000
Lifting Motor(AC) 110/230VAC/2.2kW 110/230VAC/2.2kW 110/230VAC/2.2kW
Lifting Motor(DC) 12VDC/2.2kW 12VDC/2.2kW 12VDC/2.2kW
Betteries 2×12V/120Ah 2×12V/120Ah 2×12V/120Ah
Integrated Charger 24V/12A 24V/12A 24V/12A
Model AWP14-3000 AWP12-3000 AWP10-3000
Overall Weight 1100kg/1140kg 1050kg/1080kg 1000kg/1030kg


Standard equipment
● Function with deadman
● Swing out outriggers with interlock
● Emergency stop button
● Battery charge indicator
● Electric limit switch
● Two controllers operation
● Emergency lowering system
● Leveling indicator
● Forklift pockets
● Transport tie hole
● All motion alarm
● Cylinder holding valve
● Overload sensor with alarm
● AC power to platform
● Beacon
● DC power with charger

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